How to Enhance your Well-Being

Are you constantly trying out new trends to improve your well-being? Tired of feeling tired and sluggish? Ready for a change in your life but not sure where to start?

You are not alone!

In this article I am going to share with you what I find to be the most effective first few steps to enhancing your well-being. These are steps that you can take at any point of your journey to greater well-being. Jump aboard and feel the benefits. Feel good about yourself, and love the life you live!

Here are 5 steps to Enhancing your Well-being:

  1. Move your Body!

Moving your body does not mean that you have to join a gym and participate in intense activity. Moving your body can be as simple as going for an hour walk 2-3 times a week. Joining a gym and participating in light exercise, dancing around the house or in a class or swimming at a nearby pool. The goal of this step is to just get up and active! Anything! Start with something you love and if you do not currently have any active hobbies, start to explore! Try new activities that spike an interest to you and keep trying new things until you find something you love, that makes you feel good and moves your body!

  1. Eat Healthy Food!

Eating healthy is a really hard task for many people. With all of these new trends and diets out, it makes eating healthy hard for everyone! Is it healthy to eat fat? Will carbs make me fat? Am I only able to eat salad? Should I become vegan to be healthy? These are questions we all ask ourselves, however eating healthy is easier than you would think. Eating healthy means eating a diet rich in vegetables but allows room for all things you love. If you know where your food comes from and the ingredients are very minimal, your choice is good! Eat real food! Minimize sugary foods, highly processed foods and deeply fried foods. The trick is to eat home cooked meals, use minimal oils, eat a rainbow diet, include your protein (Eat your meat! Unless you are vegetarian or vegan) and leave room for treats in moderation. Your plate should include a fist of protein, thumb of fats and palm of carbs. Eat it, love it and let it fuel you.

  1. Get Outside!

Getting outside in nature is one of the best things you can do for yourself! Eating healthy and moving your body is very important BUT, getting in touch with nature, will make you WANT to do these things. Nature will inspire you, the benefits are unlimited. Nature will help reduce stress and improve mental clarity, it will give you a sensation of connection, it will enhance your serotonin and make you feel good; all of these things, leading to you wanting to take better care of yourself and make you move. Not sure you believe this? Try hiking once a week for 1-2 months and watch how your life changes.

  1. Find Hobbies

After work are you coming home to find yourself feeling drained and watching television? If so, I challenge you to try and find new things to do! Try reading, try a form of art, try playing games or making crafts, gardening… anything that crosses your mind. Try it out! These do not have to be active but any extra activity will help you feel even better. Many individuals who exercise, have the gym and exercise as their only hobby; this doesn’t need to be the case! Find more things you love to do, more activities that make you feel engaged and happy. Afraid of trying something new? LET FEAR GUIDE YOU! Are you afraid to try something new? TRY IT! Try it and reap all of the benefits from it. Didn’t like the experience? Don’t make it a habit then. The ability to face your fears will make you a stronger, happier person. It will make trying new things much easier for you and also help you realize that fear can change. Maybe you’re afraid of doing the first couple times, but after 3 or 4 tries, it becomes easier, the fear vanishes and you start to feel good about it. This is a great thing! This is part of being human, we all face fear but it’s those who overcome the fear that are the most successful.

  1. Drink lots of Water

We all know water is vital for life, we’re made mostly of it! It’s in our DNA and it is all around us, yet so many of us are dehydrated. By drinking plenty of water a day, we can improve our system and feel better! It can help us lose weight, flush out toxins, improve energy, improve skin complexion and many more benefits!

I challenge you to try these five steps and watch how your life changes. P lease, share your experiences with me as I want to know what changes for you! Nothing changed? You still feel the same? I doubt it, but if so, contact me and let’s see why that may be!


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