Low Vibration Energy is Good too

Recently, I have been having some very insightful and enlightening thoughts occurring. Many of us ‘awakened’ individuals speak a lot about positive and negative energy. Here is my question to you; is energy positive or negative? Who determines what a negative or positive energy is? Could the energies be both?

I found this ideology interesting to ponder on because it can change for everyone. We are all entitled to our own beliefs and we all have them. So something that I say may or may not be true to you but that is not for you or me to judge, but instead accept, understand and develop our own beliefs around. In science we learn that there are negative and positive charges, electrons and protons that bond together, to create matter. Therefore, to go into detail on my question, I want each of you to stop reading and ask yourself; do I believe that negative and positive energy are separate? Do I feel one but not the other? Think about this for a minute; allow your truth on this to come to you naturally. If an answer does not come to you right away, that’s okay, give it time. Sit longer or continue to read and reflect on that question again later, and please, share with me your opinions.

I believe that in order to live we need both positive and negative energy, so yes, I believe there are both BUT I also believe that they coexist together.  To expand my thoughts on this, I believe that in every situation you’re in, whether perceived positive or negative, both energies will be present in each and every situation. Therefore in every amazing occurrence you have or wonderful thought you have, there will be a negative attached with it. This does not mean that because there is a ‘negative’ energy associated with this, that the scenario automatically becomes negative, itself. The situation is whatever you perceive it to be, meaning that if you spend more time focusing on positive energy, thoughts, creations, activities, etc, then when something ‘negative’ occurs, you will be able to find the positive in it, sooner than someone who simply spends there energy dwelling on negativity.

What is considered negative and/or positive? Again, as for anything else I share with you, you will either agree or disagree and each is okay. In my opinion and many others, negative energy would be found in; fear, high ego, sadness, worry, anxiety and depression. Positive energy is found in; love, happiness, laughter, achievements and many other emotions. Above I express with you that I believe these energies coexist together, meaning, you cannot live nor have one, without the other.

For example, many people talk about ‘ego death’ or ‘losing your ego’ and I do not believe this can occur. Yet, I believe you can live in greater consciousness and love, as opposed to a higher ego but, I do not believe that you can live without the ego. Our ego’s are our driving force, they are what gives us the motivation to work, drive our car, and bring us into scenario’s where we are able develop beliefs. They are the gas to the car, without it, the car does not move. However, you can also live in a place with too much ego, where you are ego driven and do not know life outside of it. In a place like this, you have no true sense of self as you tend to identify more in appearance and material matters as opposed to the spirit and consciousness. Those who live in a state of high ego tend to be more closed- minded and find more negativity then positivity in their lives, they live in competition with the world instead of in harmony with it.

So, how do we live in balance with our ego but also higher consciousness? This is not something that will happen overnight, like anything else you want in life, it will take work, lot of it. The transition can be scary and even painful for some but is definitely worth that sacrifice for a life of balance and happiness that will follow. The steps that will be taken will be different for everyone as we all have our unique gift and interests in life; however, over the last few years as a personal trainer and life coach I have found some ways that help ground many individuals, looking for greater fulfilment in life.

Here are some things I found to work well for a collective of individuals:

  • Rest/Meditation

Our society is stress driven, we live and work on very little sleep and are always running around like chickens with our heads chopped off. Relax, slow your pace, breathe, sit down and drink your coffee, take a break from house work, turn up some music and just be. Our brains don’t function as well when we are high stressed or have under slept, studies have shown that when under slept our brains perform at a similar level to someone who is drunk. So, that leaves me to question, how effective are we this way? Are we burning ourselves out by trying to be more productive, resulting in less productivity?

I always recommend to my high stress and very busy clients to take 1 hour a day for them to focus on themselves. During this time I recommend not thinking about what work they have to do but rather, going for a walk in the woods, sitting and listening to calming music, writing, or enduring in any activity they enjoy that is low stress and being fully present while doing so. By being fully present, this gives them a meditative experience, allowing them to be fully engaged in what they are doing and not working about the next thing they ‘need’ to do.

  • Eat highly nutritious food

There are many different diets out there; everyone has one that works best for their body and their beliefs. I always recommend individuals to eat a high plant based diet and whole foods. What is a whole food? A whole food is any food that is minimally processed and comes from nature. For example, eating a homemade granola bar made with seeds, fruits and natural sugars as opposed to a box of granola bars from the grocery store, filled with grains and ingredients you can’t even identify. Another example would be eating fresh, free range chicken over a bag of frozen chicken that has added sodium, nitrates and grizzle. Ideally, you want to eat real food and be as close to the source as you can (know what you’re eating and where it comes from). Fueling your body with highly nutritious foods is not only good for your digestive health, but also your mental and emotional health. Remember, everything in life works together, you can’t have one without the other but you can, be more balanced in all areas

  • Exercise

There have been many studies proving that when we partake in intensive physical activity, our brains function better, leaving us feeling better. Thus, by simply going for a 20+ minute jog, participating in a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) activity or lifting weights, you will feel better! It’s that simple, moving in a healthy way will make you feel good! (Healthy way meaning, physical activity outside of your job, if you have an active job) Also, exercise gives you time to focus on your body, what you’re working, how it’s working and how it makes you feel. It gives you time to be mindful of what you’re doing which will bring you in closer touch with your higher self.

  • Learning

Never stop learning! In my opinion, once we stop learning, is when we die. We become stagnant, comfortable, yet empty. Learning is on-going and with all of the resources we have today, you can learn about anything that interests you. By constantly educating yourself, you keep your brain healthy which can result in long term brain health and limit the onset of Alzheimer’s and such diseases that come with an increase in age. There are many different ways you can learn; reading, experiencing, watching videos, talking to others and the list continues to go on.fit


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